Path into the water with FBG logo

With Gratitude for Past and Future

Fallon Benefits Group recently shared big news. We are now part of NFP, a premier insurance broker and consultant with significant national presence. We see a future of incredible opportunity for clients and employees alike. The path ahead is bright, and for this final FBG blog post, I’m taking a moment to celebrate the journey that brought us here.

After years as a successful leader, relationship builder and producer, Steve Fallon established FBG in May 2007. Soon thereafter, we entered one of the most concerning economic times in our lives. Steve possessed the fortitude to move forward with optimism and determination. And why wouldn’t he? He hired some incredible people that first year including Susie Simpson, employee benefits guru and mentor to us all and Jeff Layman, one of the hardest working and considerate people I know. I am proud to call Steve, Susie and Jeff colleagues and friends after 14 plus years working alongside one another. My own FBG journey started in January 2008, when I was a wide-eyed transplant from Florida with my then boyfriend, later fiancé, now husband who fully supported me for every step of this adventure. And what an adventure it has been.

FBG grew to over 35 employees during our 15 years. Each employee adds to our culture, brings his or her own unique set of skills, and makes our team better. I adore our people and the fun we have helping others. We continue to prioritize our clients and look forward to the enhancements NFP will bring for them . Our clients and employees remain the top focus going forward, a clear reason partnering with NFP made sense.

Saying goodbye to FBG means saying hello to a future with new colleagues, many of whom have personally gone out of their way to make us feel at home. Saying goodbye to FBG means taking a moment to reflect on the countless number of laughs and learns we had together building something special. Saying goodbye to FBG means expressing thanks to Steve Fallon, who took the biggest risk, founded something brilliant, and did it all with excellence. He is walking us forward and leading us into a new future, and we have every confidence that we will settle in nicely. We already are.

Thank you, Fallon Benefits Group, for the best 15 years a company could give us. Your spirit, your values and your people look forward to a future embedded with your foundation as we become NFP.