Ten Years Later, Our Values

Greetings, and welcome to FBGtalks. I figure it makes sense for our first blog post to discuss the road that led to creating FBG’s values. In order for you to get to know us, our style, and our foundation, our values are the perfect place to start. But I must confess, they weren’t always so clear. One of my first tasks as an FBG employee involved creating a company vision, mission and values for a company less than eight months old. I scoured the internet for cool words, thought about the risks our founder, Steve, took by starting FBG, and put some words on paper. They were published in the handbook, placed on the walls and known by no one. To this day, I couldn’t articulate any of them to you.

Fast forward to one year ago. Our firm was planning for the 10-year anniversary we’d celebrate in May of 2017, and Steve and I decided it was time to revisit the values. It may have taken the better part of 9 years, but we most certainly developed an identity over that time. We had options on the best way to do this: we could have spent months with 50 words and slowly narrow it down to 3 to 5 (for us, less is more), or we could give it a stab together, thinking about the way the company operated. Especially helpful was identifying what our best people had in common and what we look for when recruiting talent.

The words came more easily than we imagined, which was a delightful surprise. Turns out we have a very strong culture based on specific values. We’re proud to share them with you here.

Compassionate: We treat others with kindness and a helpful spirit.
High Energy: We demonstrate vitality and enthusiasm.
Internally Driven: We make it happen.
Can Do: We greet opportunities and challenges with positivity and resilience.

The values were shared with our employees earlier this year with great enthusiasm, and the feedback was outstanding. Our employees got it; we had expressed what they felt when they joined FBG and why they stay with FBG. We use them in many ways, including developing interview questions around them, giving shout outs to employees based on them, and recognizing excellence with annual awards for each of these values. The first round of awards will be presented this month at our holiday party.

We’ve always known who we are, and it is incredible to have the words and practices in place to articulate it for all to embrace.