Summer Interns @ FBG

Summer is in full swing, and we are fortunate enough to have 4 interns with us for the season. The ability to provide meaningful work experience to the next generation of workers is important to FBG. Even more salient is providing the tools and opportunities for each intern to engage fully with our team while here.

Internships have the ability to ignite career choices for students, and we take our obligation as an employer of interns seriously. Inspired by many of our clients who host college interns, we’ve organized our internships around building relationships, learning and research.

When they first arrived, our interns went through an onboarding process to learn more about our firm, our culture and our client services. From there, each was given a research project to be completed over the summer. We’re learning more about several current employee benefits, wellness and HR topics thanks to their efforts.

In addition to the research project, FBG’s interns are invited to various client meetings when appropriate. They’ve participated in office events, too, including our annual Chips and Dip contest. One of our interns also helped us in a special way this summer. When a member of our team was promoted, she assisted the employee in order to allow the promotion to take effect sooner.

Before the summer internship program comes to an end, each intern will present the results of his or her research project to company leaders. We hope that our interns return to school with greater understanding of the workplace, the importance of client relationships and the critical nature of innovation to our company.