Stepping Up: A Wellness Challenge Comes to FBG

Throughout the year, FBG’s team participates in various wellness activities. Summer is the perfect time for our current one, a team step challenge. The FBG wellness team designed the event, assigning us to groups of four and announcing incentives for those who reach the overall step goal.

We’ve completed step challenges in the past, but this one is different. It has leaderboards, both for individuals and teams. Prizes are awarded to teams who achieve over one million steps over a four-week period, with additional incentives for teams who place in the top three overall.

Since the challenge kicked off three weeks ago, we’ve learned that FBG has a very competitive and creative office, finding ways to get step totals into uncharted territory. Employees are taking the stairs instead of the elevator, packing sneakers for vacation, choosing walking over uber and playing outside more with family. One of our employees achieved her daily step goal by visiting the world’s largest furniture store in North Carolina. Another binge watched an entire show on Netflix while on the treadmill. Most of the teams are on task to achieve the step goal with such impressive efforts displayed.

As the challenge winds down, we see the finish line and look forward to achieving our million-step goal, earned one step at a time. Well done FBG!