Spotlight: Harassment Prevention

If you perused a newspaper, magazine, or social media platform in the past few months, you likely saw at least one article regarding harassment in the workplace. Individuals are coming forward to report inappropriate behavior, and the media is quick to ink the stories. Your employees are also reading these stories. With this heightened awareness, now is an opportune time to revisit your harassment prevention and/or respectful workplace policies and communications.

A few things you can do to ensure your workplace remains free of harassing behaviors:

  • Review the policy regarding Harassment Prevention in your Employee Handbook. It must include the definition of harassment and the steps to take if someone feels they’ve been harassed.
  • Train your leaders and employees on Harassment Prevention in the workplace. Our HR Consulting practice at FBG has stellar content that can be customized to your culture and the message you want to consistently send leaders and employees. I encourage you to reach out to us if you’d like more information on this important, interactive training.
  • Be the eyes and ears of a respectful workplace. Walk around, call people out when you feel they’ve been disrespectful, and monitor your own behavior carefully.
  • Have ‘respectful workplace’ as a recurring agenda item for your leadership meetings to reinforce its importance and encourage leaders to ask questions. Leaders set the tone; the significance of this cannot be expressed enough.


Regularly discussing harassment prevention is a reflection of your company culture and the value you place on respect. It helps employees feel safe in the event they need to come forward with an issue. Finally, it builds upon the trust between you and your employees when they know you won’t tolerate inappropriate behavior.