Planner open on table with pink flowers in vase symbolizing mindfully planning socializing

Self-Coaching Strategies: Reconnecting Mindfully

As the world reopens, you likely have a list of people you look forward to seeing again. My family tops that list for me. In June, we are recreating Thanksgiving 2020 and celebrating milestones from the past year – everything from weddings to graduations to cello recitals. I have not seen my parents since February of last year and am counting the days until we gather. My mom’s turkey and stuffing are also top of mind.

The four days I spend with family in June will, without a doubt, be the highlight of the month. It will also be the first time I travel by plane since the pandemic began. From experience, I know that travel, while fun, can zap my energy when it is done. Building in some down time after we return is particularly important to me, and I therefore cleared my calendar of any social activities the following weekend.

Mindfully scheduling time with family and friends includes taking into account your own wellbeing. Are you a social butterfly who loves multiple nights out every week and packed schedules on the weekend? Is your preference to enjoy quiet evenings at home most nights? Has the pandemic caused your tendencies to change? These are great questions to ask yourself as the world reopens and you determine who you want to see and what you are comfortable doing. Each one of us has different comfort levels and thoughts about re-entering the world. It is okay to take it slow or fast and acknowledge your own wellbeing as an important part of the process.

Relationships have a tremendous impact on our lives, and none more important than the one you cultivate with yourself. Your calendar is going to fill up with opportunities to socialize throughout the summer. Proactively consider your needs to prevent overscheduling and unwanted stress. My post on You Are the Kettle discusses how prioritizing yourself and keeping yourself “full” allows you to give more to others.

Connecting with others while keeping your wellbeing in mind is one way you take care of you.


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