Safety, Flexibility and Compassion: Guiding FBG Forward

Likely you have or will be attending at least one webinar addressing the return to our workplaces. They are chock-full of thoughts and ideas about the future and raise several questions. Should we wear masks? Might conference rooms become obsolete? Are directional arrows a good idea, or will people ignore them as they do in the grocery store? These webinars can create anxiety because they do not provide definitive answers – other than to one question – that the workplace will not be the same as it once was.

We currently sit uncomfortably in the unknown. I remarked to a colleague recently that “I don’t know” seems to be a common answer now. It is unsettling and freeing at the same time because it is true. There is benefit in having the time to see how things transpire and relief in sharing that we do not have all of the answers in this moment.

Though much remains outside of our control, focusing on what we can do is vital – as organizations, leaders and human beings. For FBG, the three words guiding the decisions we make related to reopening our office are: safety, flexibility and compassion.

  • The safety of our employees and any individual who is visiting our workplace is paramount.
  • We demonstrate flexibility when possible, finding creative ways to solve issues supporting employees and their families. No two situations are alike.
  • Showing compassion to each person with whom we interact is one of the most important things we can do. Author Greg Boyle defines compassion as ‘being in awe of someone without being in judgement of them.’ Each of us is experiencing this time differently; each of us is deserving of compassion.


Our employees continue to primarily work remote, as we patiently wait to learn more about the future of our work setting. We’ve created a task force to help guide the process back into the office, ensuring employees have a say in safely getting there.

Our guiding words – safety, flexibility and compassion – help to ground us and reinforce what is truly important. We can absolutely remind people how necessary they are to our organization by sharing the gratitude we have for each other as we move forward. There are no definitive answers for what our reentry will look like, or what is right or wrong for our organization or others. We do not have all the answers. However, with our guiding words and a task force considering our return to the office we are in the best position possible to look forward to that unknown future.

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