Remember when you wanted what you currently have?

This quote stood out to me recently and caused me to take a step back and to evaluate my personal state. In just a year’s time, I moved to a new house, received a promotion at work, married my best friend, and prioritized my well-being by making healthier choices.

Many of us set goals to improve areas in our lives. Our career, education, family, relationships, mental and physical health evolve over time. We motivate ourselves to reach our highest potential.

When you achieve something that you have been working towards, no matter how big or small, I encourage you to pause. Enjoy the feeling of achievement and appreciate yourself. We can be so quick to cross things off our lists and dive into the next thing. We can get lost in the dangerous cycle of always wanting more. Instead, take time to acknowledge what you already have. Start your day with gratitude, whether it be personal time to reflect or writing in a journal.

Take some time to reflect on all you have accomplished today and remember that once upon a time, they were all dreams. Appreciate your dedication, time, and self for your achievements.