Pets in the Workplace

FBG is a pet friendly workplace. Case in point, the photo above captures a typical day with Millie visiting the office. She’s wonderful to have around for a number of reasons. Millie greets every employee with affection, selects her favorite spots to relax (think bright windows and sunlight) and knows where the treats are stashed. She is a day brightener every time she visits.

In order to offer a pet-friendly workplace, we first considered a few important items to make it fun for everyone. We have a Slack channel for employees to share when they will bring their dog to the office. Owners are asked to take care of their pets when they’re here. We have water bowls in the kitchen for visiting pets to stay hydrated. And yes, there are plenty of treats.

We’ve offered this benefit for about two years. Because employees have respected the guidelines in place, we’ve enjoyed visits from many furry friends. They’ve become part of the FBG family – just ask Millie!