Open enrollment is over. What’s next?

For many companies, the open enrollment period occurs at the end of the calendar year. Scheduling employee meetings, designing communication materials, and transitioning to plan changes are among the items FBG works with your HR team to complete. As the new year starts, your employees are educated and prepared for their benefits. But what can HR departments do now that the plan year has started?

Our Account Management leaders and I recently discussed some best practices to take you through the benefits plan year. Our recommendations are:

  • Review all plan invoices to confirm that changes were correctly made and rates are accurate.
  • Refresh your company intranet or communication materials to reflect the updated benefits information including benefits certificates, benefits summaries and SBCs for the new plan year.
  • Encourage employees to double check that their doctors are in-network before making appointments to prevent unnecessary frustration.
  • Remind employees that many carriers now have mobile apps that allow them to view their ID card and check their benefits.
  • Design a communication campaign for the upcoming year to highlight the various benefits you offer.
  • Conduct a benefits-focused survey to give employees the opportunity to provide feedback on the programs provided. Consider scheduling the survey 4 to 6 months following open enrollment to allow employees the ability to use their new benefits for an appropriate period of time.
  • Create a compliance checklist to keep all action items in one place, including CMS disclosures, ACA reporting, and Federal Notice packets.
  • Update your wrap documents.


As always, our team is here to support you through any of these initiatives.