Open Enrollment Goes Green

If you regularly read our blog, you know that FBG’s 2019 focus is maximizing efficiency (2/14/19 post). One of the innovative ways we’re doing this involves going green for the upcoming open enrollment season. As a bonus, this initiative supports our firm-wide efforts to positively impact the environment (4/11/19 post).

At the end of 2018, we tallied the total number of pieces of paper our firm printed for open enrollment meetings. The number was much higher than any of us guessed it would be. We then met with clients to assess the need for paper brochures in open enrollment meetings. Our client feedback supported the desire to decrease or eliminate paper brochures in favor of PDF brochures, often housed on company intranet pages for easy access on any device year-round.

This small change will make a large impact over time. We look forward to tallying the number of paper sheets we use in 2019 and expect a much lower number. Going green while maximizing efficiency is a win for all.