Mental Well-Being

Recently, FBG hosted a client event featuring lawyer-turned-therapist Shelley Senterfitt. Shelley’s presentation focused on mental well-being and its components, preventions and treatments. She defines mental well-being as a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential. Her message to HR professionals: mental well-being needs to be discussed in the workplace to ensure employees are comfortable coming forward when issues arise. In addition, HR needs to be equipped to properly respond to concerns related to mental well-being.

Shelley spoke about the importance of self-care and the priority it should have in each of our lives. The better we become at identifying our needs and taking care of them, the more effective we will be in the many roles we play in our lives. “Self-care is not selfish,” she shared. “It is the foundation for care of others.” An impactful way to immediately enhance our self-care: mindfulness. Practices such as a 5-minute meditation or a mindful walk are things we can encourage ourselves and our employees to do.

FBG’s Wellness Consultants work with clients to determine the best strategies for well-being and its many components based on company culture. Shelley’s presentation reiterated the importance of mental well-being to the overall strategy.