soccer ball on grass representing Ted Lasso's and leadership

Leadership Gold from Ted Lasso

If you have not enjoyed the first season of Apple TV’s Ted Lasso, I highly recommend it. The title character, played by Jason Sudekis, is an American football coach who moves to the UK to coach a soccer (read: football) team. I’m an avid sports fan and thought the show would provide me with some entertainment and laughs during lockdown. Not only did that occur, but I was also surprised to find myself becoming a student of Ted’s coaching style. Without giving too much away, Lasso is hired to fail, and it seems as though everyone from the front office to the fan base has it out for him. Here are the leadership lessons I learned from Ted Lasso:

Be fully yourself.

Embrace all of the things that make you the human that you are. Those you lead know what authenticity looks like, and the more you can be your full, true self, the more trust there will be.

Give people the benefit of the doubt.

No matter how much someone may annoy, frustrate or hurt you, understand that you likely do not know his or her full story. Thinking differently allows your mind to be open to alternative possibilities.

See the good.

Choose how you view a circumstance. A great example is losing a game. When walking off the field, decide if this is the worst moment of your career or an opportunity to propel you to something better.

The team above all else.

Trust in team support and encourage each other when riding the highs and lows. Shared experiences lead to growth for everyone, as well as the deeper connections needed to succeed.

Silliness and humor go a long way.

Some of the most memorable moments in our careers and our lives come when we laugh and enjoy the company of our colleagues. Find ways to have fun together.

In a business setting, leaders work to develop a style and reputation built on the influence and mentorship of others. Ted Lasso is one of the rare gems that provides leadership insights in an amusing and lighthearted manner. While we navigate the post-pandemic world, I aspire to be more like Ted Lasso. The show is highly recommended for many laughs and leadership learning. It is a perfect weekend binge.


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