Jeff Glasbrenner & Goal Setting

Earlier this month, FBG had the pleasure of hearing Jeff Glasbrenner speak at a client event. If you’re not familiar with Jeff’s inspirational story, I encourage you to google it. From competing in the Paralympic Games to summiting Everest to completing 8 Iron Mans in 8 months (nope, not a typo), he had the audience wide-eyed and in awe of greatness. Jeff takes goal achievement to a whole new level, and more importantly, he makes each of us feel as though we can accomplish great things too.

What google won’t impart is the genuine enthusiasm with which Jeff looks at each day. After losing his leg in an accident as a young boy, Jeff’s family surrounded him with love and support through recovery. As Jeff grew up, he gained confidence to try new things and continually set the bar higher. Jeff’s life most definitely provides challenges, but the lens at which he views them makes all the difference. Some especially salient points he shared regarding setting and achieving goals:

Surround yourself with people who believe in you.

Have a plan and stick to it.

When you fall down, dust yourself off and get back on track.

There are days you’ll have to rely on others to help you.

Take time to enjoy the moment.

You are much stronger than you ever thought possible.

Toward the end of Jeff’s talk, he summarized by saying that everyone will face challenges in life, but you can either react to them by being pitiful or powerful. Jeff chooses to be powerful and encourages anyone with a goal to go after it.