FBGtalks Goals

As obsessed as I am about goals (see Goal Setting! post), it is probably a good idea to share with you the reasons for FBGtalks’ existence. These tenets will ensure that every post follows a consistent format with while keeping you, our readers, in mind.

FBGtalks aspires to:

  • Provide clients (and all employers) with meaningful posts regarding employee engagement, company culture and workplace best practices.
  • Share what we’re experiencing as an organization in hopes you may gain insights from it.
  • Post content regularly, at least once per month.
  • Offer a variety of content, including articles, interviews, and expert opinions.
  • Address timely topics in a conversational manner, and invite the opportunity to talk further if a blog post sparks your interest. I’m always up for a cup of tea.
  • Give credit where credit is due by citing others’ research and thoughts.

A majority of our posts will be authored by me, but occasionally we’ll have the pleasure of hosting guest authors. We welcome suggestions for blog topics, too. I can be reached at kstone@fallonbenefits.com or 404-814-6048; hope to hear from you.