FBG’s Favorite Podcasts

During the pandemic, many on the FBG team have turned to podcasts, discovering a new hobby and losing themselves in a good story. Podcasts can be enjoyed walking in the park, during a long drive, preparing dinner, waiting at a doctor’s office, or unwinding in any number of places. A colleague recently shared that she used to listen to podcasts during her long commute, and she now makes time for them as a way to start and end her day. I loved that idea, especially as we continue to work remotely.

We have quite a few podcast junkies on the FBG team. Be it for learning, for pleasure or for escaping into a chilling tale, our team often shares recommendations with each other. We thought it would be fun to share recommendations with you, our readers. Let us know what you think and add some of your favorites in the comments section. Happy listening!

Alyese Eve | Health Management Consultant
Up and Vanished: An investigative podcast where the host looks into cold cases by reviewing old case files and interviewing witnesses. Season 1 was my favorite because the host was able to get an old Georgia case reopened, arrests were made, and it gained national attention. This was the first podcast I had ever listened to and the reason why I love investigative and true crime podcasts.

Jeff Lloyd | Employee Benefits Specialist
The Dave Ramsey Show: My wife and I went through the 9-week Financial Peace University course that was created and led by Dave Ramsey. During the course, he goes through his seven-step process of reaching financial peace. This podcast is an extension of the course that allows me to stay motivated and stick with our family’s financial goals.

Ross Conway | Vice President and Senior Employee Benefits Consultant
The Rewatchables: It is produced by The Ringer/Bill Simmons and in each episode they re-watch a movie and walk through their favorite parts, least favorite parts and everything in between. They’ve done over 150 episodes from classics like Caddyshack and Jaws to newer movies like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Creed.

Elizabeth Martin | Benefits Counselor
But Why: This is geared towards kids, so I love to listen to it in the car with my son. We enjoy learning new things and love to hear the younger children that sometimes interact with the show. One of our favorites was Do Skunks Like Their Own Smell? And Other Stumpers!

Zach Layman | Producer
Revolutions: Historian Mike Duncan details 10 revolutions ranging from the English Revolution in the 17th century to the Russian Revolution in the 20th century. Included are the more well-known revolutions such as the American revolution, as well as, less taught revolutions like the Haitian and Mexican Revolutions. You begin to see similarities in the causes that sparked them all and it makes for interesting comparisons to the current political and economic climate.

Lee Ann Passarella | HR Coordinator
Song Exploder: This podcast host speaks with musicians one-on-one to break down a single song, as well as, telling the story of inspiration behind the song. This podcast is great for music lovers and non-music lovers alike. The best part about the podcast is hearing the great minds across music genres at work each episode.

Andrea Cuellar | Senior Employee Benefits Consultant
On Purpose: This podcast will inspire your life. If you want a purposeful life but are not sure what steps to take or where to begin, you will be in for a ride. Jay will give you the tools to find your true purpose in life by staying motivated and grounded every single day.

Danielle Compton | Vice President, Senior HR Consultant
Raising Good Humans with Dr. Aliza: How many times have you heard that children do not come with a manual? This podcast is the closest thing to it and I am so grateful for the practical insight it provides. The guidance spans infancy to adolescence, so as a new mom, I will be listening for a long time!

Morgan B. Matthews | Employee Benefits Assistant
The Collective: This podcast is engineered by 2 hosts (with occasional guests) that have weekly talks about the balance between being a Christian millennial and business, dating, positivity and everything else in-between. It’s immensely relatable and makes me feel included in every conversation with the amount of encouragement, laughs and spirit they provide.

Jennifer Koncul | Health Management Consultant
The Doctor’s Farmacy: The podcast host, Dr. Mark Hyman, is a leader in the functional medicine field and discusses a wide variety of health-related topics including balancing hormones, gut health, and the impact of nutrition on mental illness. I enjoy listening because the information is based on scientific, reliable data and is practical enough for anyone to incorporate into their daily life.