FBG’s 2021 Focus: Adapting for Growth

FBG announces our firm’s primary focus as we begin each calendar year. Wrapping up 2020 with a focus on clarity seems a bit laughable considering the events that transpired. We did our best, yet the year was a doozy in every imaginable way. Turning the calendar from December 31 to January 1 did not magically make things go away or get markedly better, either. 2021 started with its own set of challenges and emotional exhaustion. Deep breaths, right? Taking what we learned from the previous year, we developed a goal that meets us where we are today and carries us through the next 12 months.

The FBG focus in 2021 is adapting for growth. The question we are asking ourselves: How can we positively change our behaviors (adapt) to thrive in our new world (grow)? Quite the challenge. We now have the experience of the past 9 to 10 months to understand what works well for us, what does not work well for us, and what we want to do differently. The result is growth.

My home office is a perfect example of changing with 2020 and adapting for growth in 2021. For months, I was working at my kitchen island, sitting in an uncomfortable chair, and lacking a large monitor and the other equipment I have come to greatly appreciate in the FBG office. It didn’t help that I was always in the way whenever my husband needed a drink or meal. Fast forward to today – I am sitting in a dedicated office space in our home outfitted to support productivity and allow my husband to get snacks whenever he likes. Little things bring big learns that lead to growth.

I wish you, our readers, a year of growth following reflection. Each of us is different than we were at this time last year. How are we going to cultivate these lessons and insights? I encourage you to take some time and consider what you learned in 2020 to see how you can grow into 2021.