FBG’s 2020 Focus: Clarity

Opportunities for clarity are everywhere. A key first step in the quest for clarity is feedback. Understanding where we can improve by asking employees and clients will allow us to take action. We can then better define expectations, offerings and processes.

One way we know we can improve our clarity is communication with new employees. We’ve taken time over the past month to think about onboarding in this way: If someone had never heard of FBG before, what would they need to know about working here? From the names of our conference rooms to meeting best practices to restaurants nearby for lunch, it helped us find ways to bring clarity to the new hire acclimation process. We look forward to rolling it out to both current and future employees, as we feel everyone will learn something from the information.

As the year unfolds, we intend to have more transparent communication and increased trust with our key stakeholders. We’ll look to employees and clients to hold us accountable.