FBG’s 2019 Focus: Maximizing Efficiency

Late last year, a group of FBG leaders read Gary Keller and Jay Papasan’s book The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results. Inspired by the message, we then collaborated to determine what our ‘one thing,’ or area of focus, could be for the firm in 2019. Following some rigorous discussion, each of us realized we do things in our roles that take up more time than needed. This applies to large and small tasks. For example, I’m famous for hunting for passwords each time I log into secure sites while another leader shared that she spends too much time in meetings that would benefit the growth of her direct reports.

We determined that ‘maximizing efficiency’ would benefit FBG in many ways, and it became our focus for 2019. Our team recently created 2019 goals, keeping this theme in mind. Having the singular focus allowed each of us to personally consider ways to increase efficiency. From using less paper to organizing inbox folders, our goals this year are designed to give us more time for the most important aspects of our roles. Now that I have 1password to manage my many logins, I can attest things are off to a good start.

In a way, we’ve latched on to the ‘tidying up’ trend we’ve seen Marie Kondo bring to households across America. As the year continues, we hope to find ourselves realize efficiencies that ultimately lessen our stress and improve our overall job satisfaction.