Driving Back to School Safely

Georgia enacted the Handsfree Act on July 1, 2018. This important legislation aims to make the roads safer for all drivers. As the metro Atlanta area embarks on a new school year this month, it is a good time to reflect on safe driving practices, for you and for your employees.

According to TeenSafe’s website, distracted driving accounts for about 25% of motor vehicle crash fatalities. The number is staggering and the law is a direct response to decrease it. Another statistic they note: it takes only 3 seconds after a driver’s attention has been diverted from the road for a crash to occur. These statistics further the importance of paying full attention when in the driver’s seat.

Your employees are likely on the road for a variety of events. Now is a great time to reinforce safe driving habits in light of the Handsfree Act. Provide guidance on your company’s best practices. Share ideas to promote safe driving, including enabling your car’s or mobile device’s safety features and only taking calls via Bluetooth when absolutely necessary.

I’ve begun placing my mobile device in my purse and leaving it in the back seat of my car – in a place I can’t reach though I may itch to do so at a red light. Admittedly, I’ve done so a few times in the past, but forming better driving habits is imperative and could save lives.

When schools are back in session, traffic will increase and commutes will take more time. Recognizing the importance of safety on the road puts things into perspective quickly. Though it may take a little longer to get where we’re going, arriving at our destination safely is paramount. Wishing your families a wonderful year as school begins.