Coronavirus, Communication and Culture

In our recent all hands meeting, we spent time discussing the impact of Coronavirus. You may find your company in a similar position: sending emails, creating a Slack channel, and developing specific business continuity plans in response to Coronavirus. External sources of information are everywhere, and it is important to consider your organization’s communication strategy as the weeks progress.

Our core values are the foundation of the FBG culture. With that in mind, we developed Coronavirus talking points specific to our four core values. Below is the message that was shared:

Compassionate – We demonstrate compassion to ourselves and those around us by staying home when we are sick and not exposing our colleagues and clients to germs unnecessarily.

High Energy – We stay alert, caring for ourselves and our families, while educating ourselves on the best actions to take going forward.

Internally Driven – We have a plan to ensure clients receive seamless service, hoping for the best while preparing for the worst.

Can Do – We have a central point of communication for all Coronavirus updates through Slack, as well as the tools and resources to minimize the spread of germs in the office.

As you develop your company’s Coronavirus plan, consider the organizational culture and develop a communication strategy in support of it. Employees need to know their safety is a priority and that there are plans in place to care for your stakeholders. Regular communication will be key to help ensure the focus is on preparation, not panic.