Connecting While Remote

FBG hosted our first Virtual Happy Hour last week. About a minute into the call, someone shouted out, “I miss everyone!” All heads nodded in unison to that perfect statement.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, FBG provided employees with the opportunity to work remotely. Typically, an employee would choose 1 to 2 days a week and work from home, saving commute time while remaining connected to clients and fellow team members. It worked well and provided both flexibility and face time.

When we made the decision to work 100% remotely a few weeks ago, none of us could grasp the amount of time we would be in this position. A week or two, maybe, but we’re still here, and we have accepted the reality that it will be a bit longer. Patiently and gratefully, we wait.

While we’re away from each other, we’ve come up with creative ways to connect, through:

  • Virtual all-hands meetings, to understand the priorities of our clients and determine ways we can best serve them now;
  • Virtual happy hours, to have some time to smile, laugh, and talk about life as we are experiencing it;
  • Virtual team meetings, to understand the priorities of each practice and ensure employees have what they need to do their jobs remotely;
  • Monday morning meditation classes, to get our week off to a mindful and compassionate start;
  • Weekly Friday email updates, to recap our week, share a corny joke and an inspirational quote;
  • A #gratitude Slack channel, to share employee recognition or simply the things that make us grateful during this time.


The time apart has made us realize how special our connections to each other are, more than ever before, as employees of FBG and as people. While you consider communication strategies to stay connected, we hope these ideas will help. May you, your employees, and your families stay healthy and well during this time.