Benefits Employees Want

FBG presents innovative and useful benefits to our clients regularly because we recognize their importance to the recruitment and retention of employees. In 2017, Harvard Business Review conducted research to support the significance of a robust health and welfare program.

HBR surveyed over 2,000 employees and found that four benefits mattered more than others to them. Competitive health benefits and flexible hours were the top two items revealed in the survey feedback. More vacation time and work-from-home options followed closely behind.

You may already conduct employee engagement surveys for your employee population, but have you considered an employee survey focused specifically on benefits satisfaction? Timed correctly, the survey can provide you with important feedback on your medical, dental and ancillary providers. It also gives employees the opportunity to rate other benefits and suggest additional options that are important to them, such as flexibility and time off.

As always, your FBG team is here to provide support in any initiative you have related to benefits innovation and development, from surveys to focus groups and brainstorming sessions. We encourage you to ask for your employees’ preferences to tailor the best possible program for them.