A Millennial’s Onboarding Experience at FBG

Like many other organizations, FBG is embracing Millennials in the workplace and giving them the tools needed to succeed. This became clear to me when I started with FBG in March; the creative ways they welcomed me were greatly appreciated. It made me realize that considering a few small changes to welcome Millennial employees can benefit an entire organization.

Who are the Millennials? Millennials are already the largest segment in the workplace, and according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, they are expected to make up 75% of the workforce by 2030. The age range varies depending on who you ask, but they are usually defined as individuals born between 1981 and 1996. Keep in mind, a generation may have certain characteristics because of the time period when they were born, but each employee is an individual. That said, there is excellent research available to learn the workplace preferences of the Millennial generation as a whole, and it became clear to me that FBG did their homework by recognizing the following:

Personal Development: FBG offers a number of ways to develop, from attending conferences to getting designations. They also give us time off to pursue our educational interests. Coaching your employees and understanding their personal and professional goals are powerful engagement opportunities.

Flexible Environment: After an initial period of time with FBG, I will be able to telecommute occasionally. The ability to productively work from home and skip the ATL traffic is an enormous benefit. Flexible work schedules and remote working options are signs that employers respect work-life balance. Flexibility has also been shown to reduce workplace stress and increase mental well-being. Not to mention, telecommuting is better for the environment!

Sense of Community: FBG provides community service opportunities and offers us time off to volunteer for charities that matter to us. In addition, this month, we are all volunteering with Trees Atlanta to support the community in which we work. This will help build social connections across the organization. Fun spaces for collaboration, wellness and social activities, and volunteering opportunities are great ways to help Millennials build relationships and give back.

As a Millennial that just recently joined the FBG family, I was so excited to join a company that would give me the culture I needed to thrive and succeed. Over the past few months, I have witnessed FBG embrace all the positive things that Millennials are bringing to the workplace!